Daytona - Red & Gold - Wallet Chain Deluxe - 1/4 inch wide

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Daytona - Red & Gold - Wallet Chain Deluxe 

Take control of your life and get the Daytona Beach Deluxe Wallet Chain! This lightweight yet sturdy 1/4" accessory will keep your possessions safely at hand and let you live life on the edge - ready for whatever adventure you choose. Embrace the challenge!

We make 4 widths and different color options of our Signature Daytona Beach Wallet Chains. Solid Stainless Steel. Will never "kink up" like your current chain. Super strong! Call 321-271-5134 if you need a custom length Wallet chain made.

Daytona Beach Deluxe -

The thinnest chain in the collection...

A little more than a 1/4 inch wide, great wallet chain, super sturdy. Perfect for anyone.

Check out our belt clip/clasp they add a nice addition to any wallet chain

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