Thor's Hammer Pendant & Necklace (805)

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Thor's Hammer Pendant

  You can buy the pendant by itself, or with a chain as a combination.
Click on the box that says pick a size, select pendant only or pick the chain and length you want it with.

From Thor's strength to your neck, this Sanity's Thor's Hammer is a godsend. With stainless steel, the Thor's Hammer Pendant is the perfect statement piece to make you feel like the hero of your own story. Don't worry - no one will be striking lightning bolts when you take it off!

All our pendants can be purchased individually instead of only with a chain! You can be worthy like Thor when you wear this badass pendant!

Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, so it won’t rust, tarnish, or cause any sort of discoloration.

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