Angelo The Hook - Horizontal & Vertical Carry - Stag Antler - 9 inches - AH01

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Angelo The Hook  - Stag Antler

Angelo The Hook features a 1" Gut Hook and a Finger Hole for precise control.

It presents with amazing file details due to the equal parts 15N20 and 1095 high carbon steel used. This combination creates a one of a kind and unique design present on the steel. The handle feature various shades of tan, black, and browns to create a stag antler appearance. 

Each design is 100% unique, genuine, and handmade Damascus steel that is made to order. Duplication of the Damascus steel and handle is not possible, therefore allowing your Damascus to be a one of a kind.

American Owned and Operated. 

9.0" total length (4.5" handle, 4.5" steel)

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